Bigg Boss 8 elimination: Karishma Tanna refuses to learn her lessons

Bigg Boss 8 elimination: Karishma Tanna refuses to learn her lessons

The tables have definitely turned in Bigg Boss’ house. Karishma Tanna, who was slowly yet surely turning out to be the self-styled ‘angry woman’ of the glass-walled house, has now found herself in a rather sticky situation. After trying to exploit Gautam Gulati’s volatile temperament and the mistake he committed by giving Miss Tanna a gali during a task-the lady thought that she would milk the controversy to isolate Gautam as well as to come across as a victim in the viewers eye. But cameras installed in the house did not fail to capture reality, and the dirty politics being played in the name of woman empowerment, as it is.

In the previous episode Salman Khan used his verbal dexterity to best effects. He pointed out that how Karishma’s attitude towards the game made a hero out of Gulati. Tonight’s episode saw special guests, former Bigg Boss, contestants-Kamya and VJ Andy-also showcasing their opinions.

Kamya opined that the ugly spat between Gulati and Karishma was projected as injustice against woman. To which Karishma kept objecting and even argued. Kamya even stated that the Miss Tanna is here to play the game. And she can’t act as per her whims and fancies as long as she stays in the house.

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Going by what we have seen so far it is clear that Karishma Tanna continues to be her argumentative self. Will she ever learn her lessons, one wonders.

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