Bigg Boss 8: Does Karishma over react in all tasks?

Karishma and Pritam

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All the housemates are irritated by Karishma’s behaviour. First it was Gautam’a case and now she misbehaved with Sonali, kicked Praneet (accidentally) and also fought with Minissha.
Today was the second day of the task. And the Lambas had to get Upen and Sonali married. Diandra and Arya instigate Karishma to go and spoil Sonali’s make-up while she was getting ready. While Karishma didn’t want to do it, she still agrees. And she keeps on throwing water on her face to spoil her make up.
Next incident takes place when Preetam tries to click picture of Sonali and Upen, and Karishma tries to push away Preetam. While Preetam doesn’t get hurt, we see Praneet suddenly sit on the floor. It is then revealed that when Karishma pushed Preetam, her hand hut Praneet right on his chest. When Praneet asked her to be careful, Karishma started to argue saying she didn’t notice and it was by accident. Infact Minissha tries to explain that everything can’t be blamed as just an accident, Karishma even fought with her.
Another time, Karishma called Minissha uneducated when Minissha went to remove a ‘Keep Out’ board. Karishma just didn’t stop her mouth and instead kept answering back.
Late at night the boys, Arya, Praneet and Gautam discuss about Karishma’s behaviour. Gautam even calls her dumbest girl he gas ever seen.Do you think Karishma talks way beyond a point and all her points are unnecessary?

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