Bigg Boss 8: Dimpy says Gautam uses people for his own means


After taking a day off from hosting Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar to celebrate his birthday party in a grand and lavish way, host of Bigg Boss 8 Salman Khan returned to the show.

On the episode of ‘Salman Ka Vaar’, Salman Khan informs the contestants about a task called ‘Mann Ki Aankh’ where they will have to look through the cutting of an eye shaped placard and reveal one good, one bad and an undisclosed confession about one fellow contestant.

First to began the task was Ali, who was asked to speak about Karisham Tanna, where he revealed that the best trait about her is that she cooks for everyone with her whole heart and enjoys feeding everyone in the house. For a bad trait, he mentioned she never accepts her own mistakes.

A confession that he made was that she is an extremely strong contender and that she getting more and more beautiful with each passing day. Dimpy was asked to speak about Gautam, where she mentioned that Gautam has a very good sense of dressing. For his bad trait, she mentioned that he constantly gives advice to all the housemates but cannot follow his own advice and swallow his own pill.

For a confession about Gautam, she believes Gautam uses people for his own means. Sonali had to speak for Upen, and she mentions his best trait is his physique. About the bad she mentions he is extremely snappy, moody and gets angry rather easily. For her confession, Sonali confesses if Upen would agree to meet her when they are out of the Bigg Boss house, she would really like to meet him.

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Well, with so many revelations and confessions fireworks are bound to happen inside the house.

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