Bigg Boss 8: Did Gautam Gulati make Ali Quli Mirza cry?

Bigg Boss 8: It's Gutthi, Palak time in the house

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This was anticipated. Ever since wild card entry Ali Quli Mirza was made the captain inside the Bigg Boss house, housemates have been loathing his authoritative behaviour. On Day 31, as the housemates were busy with this week’s luxury task ‘BB Mithaiwala’, things started getting ugly in the name of competition.
First Puneet and Gautam argued and Puneet even pushed Gautam in anger after it was revealed that Gautam stole some of the stuff from the kitchen to make his team win. Later being the refree of the task and the captain of the house Ali Quli Mirza was seen confronting Gautam on the same issue. Both lost their cool and Gautam abused Ali. Needless to say Ali got aggressive instantly and threatened Gautam with dire consequences. The housemates had to intervene to calm them both. Ali was seen confiding to Puneet and crying in front him saying that Gautam had abused his family and it was not right.
Meanwhile Diandra was seen tearing up infront of Pranit complaining about Puneet’s dominating behaviour during the task. Diandra also mentioned that she felt let down by her friends as no one nominated her name for the post of the next captain of the house and instead nominated Sushant.

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