Bigg Boss 8: Did Ali Quli Mirza call Sonali Raut a ‘prostitute’?

Did Ali Quli Mirza call Sonali Raut a ‘prostitute’?

Sonali Raut shocked everyone when she slapped Ali Quli Mirza in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 8 after she came to know that the latter passed some very lewd and cheap comments about her few weeks back. The statement was so derogatory that the makers of the high voltage reality show had to censor it.

As shocking as it may sound but let us tell you that Ali called Sonali a prostitute. Yes, you read that right! A very reliable source close to the show reveals that the production team were checking the footage repeatedly as Ali said this in whispers while talking to Praneet Bhatt and Puneet on the night Lisa Haydon entered the show to promote her last film.

“After checking the footage a lot of times, they found that Ali passed some nasty comments about Sonali’s derriere after which he referred to her as a prostitute,” the source reveals to us EXCLUSIVELY.

No wonder The Xpose actress got so agitated and placed a tight slap on Ali’s face.

Although Sonali broke a major rule of Bigg Boss by slapping Ali, but at the same time Ali calling Sonali a prostitute on national television and moreover on a show like Bigg Boss, which is watched by the whole world is downright crass and completely unacceptable.

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Nevertheless, the Bigg Boss house has seen various characters slash each other and their dignity on national television in the past just to get ahead and win the show. Most times people choose not to react in a similar way, but this time around Sonali certainly took major offence.

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