Bigg Boss 8: Diandra upset as friends don’t support her captainship

Bigg Boss 8 Diandra upset as friends don't support her captainship
It’s a rat race where everyone in the Bigg boss house tries to outdo the other in order to prove their mettle for the captaincy of the house. After the controversial results of the luxury budget task – BB Mithaiwala, Diandra’s team is announced the winner.

However, Puneet, who is also a part of the winning team, is punished by Bigg Boss for his unpleasant behaviour with Gautam during the Mithaiwala task and as a result he is not allowed to nominate or contest for captaincy. Contestants, who are in the race for the coveted captaincy are Sushant, Upen, Diandra, Soni, and Minissha.

Puneet, who was nominated by Bigg Boss gathers all the team members and asks them to vote for the next captain. Soni, who considers Upen as her brother botes in his favour, while Upen votes for Sushant, who votes for himself too.

Depending on all the votes, the housemates decide Sushant to be the next captain of the house with Upen as a backup, (as according to the Bigg Boss house rule book a nominated contestant can’t be a captain). Meanwhile, Diandra gets upset with the team’s decision as according to her she did the hardest work during the task and in her opinion she should have been made the captain. She also voted for herself during the captaincy nomination.

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Karishma and Minissha, who agree with Diandra, go and talk to Puneet and the group about it. However, the group is adamant on their decision and doesn’t care what Diandra thinks. A hurt Diandra is then seen complaining to Praneet and crying about how her own team has not been supportive of her, while Puneet makes it a point to brain wash Upen to be the next captain and do things according to his will.

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