Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Learns A Lesson

Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Learns A Lesson

A captain’s privileges in the Bigg Boss 8 are equivalent to a royalty. Barred from nominates and elimination, world becomes your oyster. But getting there is the biggest challenge and recently, the selection of Sushant to the said post has angered Diandra who is also hurt by the results.

Diandra belongs to the winning party in the luxury budget tasks. She believed that it was her hard work and passion that led the team to victory. But it seems her team members didn’t agree with her and elected Sushant as the captain. This has left her heartbroken. She was heard telling Praneet how hurt she feels. Her own team let her down when she needed them more. She deserved the position.

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Karishma and Minissha were the only ones who believed her and even tried to get others to change their minds. But nobody was interested to listen to her miseries and pleas. Well Diandra, you have learnt life’s best lessons. Never ever rely on anyone for anything. Sometimes hardwork cannot give you everything. You need to be a bit cunning and shrewd.

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