‘Bigg Boss 8’: Diandra hits back at captain Ali

Diandra hits back at captain Ali

The ‘baap’ of all reality shows, ‘Bigg Boss’ doesn’t fail to impress its dedicated viewer base. Last night’s episode saw a few loud moments between the inmates and the new entrant Ali Quli Mirza. If making him the captain was not enough, Ali makes sure that he orders the inmates, and if they don’t take his order—he punishes them like school children.

It was shown last night, that inmates Soni Singh and Minissha Lamba were punished by the captain, and were asked to stay outside in the garden area for sometime. However, both the ladies could not stop cribbing about the entire incident. While Minissha called it a ‘boarding school’, Soni termed it as ‘boring school’.

Soon afterwards, what followed was pure drama. Ali ordered Diandra Soares to not burn the candles inside the house, and do it outside. However, when Diandra tried to explain him the reason, he asked her to stand in a corner with her hands raised upwards. The supermodel refused to obey the captain, who started shouting and told ‘D’ (she is fondly called) to stop giving off that ‘attitude’.

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Diandra dramatically answered him back saying, ‘this is my attitude’. Well, with the loud-game just begun, we are waiting for more such stories to unfold.

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