Bigg Boss 8: Diandra felt backstabbed at Karishma’s words

Diandra Soares Backstabbed, Betrayed By Karishma Tanna On Bigg Boss 8!
Diandra is given a task by Bigg Boss to discuss with the contestants and give two names of contestants to be nominated for captaincy.

Diandra Soares Backstabbed, Betrayed By Karishma Tanna On Bigg Boss 8_2
Diandra suggested her name for the captaincy.

Karishma Had Other Plans
Karishma Tanna felt Upen Patel and Sushant Digvikar are more balanced to be a captain.

Upen Patel And Soni Singh
Upen and Soni felt Diandra was not very good at her tasks.

Sheep Mentality
Diandra said Karishma and other have sheep mentality.

Diandra Backstabbed
Diandra felt backstabbed by Karishma and Upen too.

Bigg Boss's Decision
Bigg Boss’s decision would be to have them fight to become a captain.

Bigg Boss announces that the contestants to compete against each other for the captaincy.

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The task is for the contestants to walk the rope and collect flags while water blasting on them and the one who collects the last captain flag first becomes the captain.

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