Bigg Boss 8 day 38 Review: Will Gautam Gulati break all ties with Praneet Bhat?

Bigg Boss 8 day 38 Review: Will Gautam Gulati break all ties with Praneet Bhat

The phone-booth task that was started yesterday continued even today. Puneet Isaar was inside the the booth and had to convince Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares to keep their makeup items inside the store room. Though the girls initially agreed on it, later on Karishma decided to play smart and make the task difficult for Puneet. She not only took back her makeup products, but also took along Diandra’s stuffs.

When it comes to manipulating things inside the house, Karishma Tanna knows how to play it well. The leggy lass convinced the housemates tactfully to keep her safe from the next week’s nominations. At the same time, she ensured it Puneet couldn’t complete his task, which would indirectly get him nominated for next week’s elimination. However, Puneet has also decided not to convince the girls to do anything for him. Finally, Tanna and Diandra gave up and decided to submit their makeup products to Bigg Boss for Puneet.

Minnisha Lamba was the next to face the task and had to dig for a Bigg Boss envelope inside a dust bin? The Yahaan actress surprisingly without any second thoughts came forward and sportingly did the task. However, after the task Puneet was left ashamed for having such a negative impression for the actress and was almost in tears for making her do so. Sushant was the next contestant to replace Puneet inside the phone-booth and had to convince the male members to shave off their head. None of them wanted to have the bald look and hence refused to cope up with Sushant for the task. As a part of the task the Mr Gay had to convince Pritam and Puneet to self nominate themselves for next week’s nomination.

Praneet Bhat, being a close friend, came forward to give a friendly advice to Gautam Gulati for his negative thinking and aggressive behavior. But Gautam is Gautam at the end and will never agree that he is wrong at any point. His aggressive approach brought out the Shakuni out of our otherwise calm Bhatji. The argument went so out of control that the two didn’t want to talk to each other after that. The Tele star has been in argument with almost all contestant of the season. Later on, he snapped back on Upen during the task and it turned out to be another big argument. Things are turning sour for Gautam as everyone in the house is getting against him one by one. His moody behavior and attitude is costing him a lot, even his friendship.

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Will Gautam let go off his ego for the sake of his best friend Praneet or chose to end his friendship with him? Well, only the coming episodes can tell that.

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