‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 38: Minissha’s “dirty act” makes Puneet cry; Gautam’s gets into a battle with Upen & Praneet!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 38: Minissha’s “dirty act” makes Puneet cry; Gautam’s gets into a battle with Upen & Praneet!

The episode began from where the day 37th ended. At around midnight, Puneet gives up on his efforts to convince Karishma and Diandra to submit their make-up kit in the store room.
Ali takes pity on Puneet and he goes to speak to Karishma about agreeing to put her and Diandra’s make-up kit. Karishma’s heart softens a bit and Ali ushers her to speak to Puneet. Puneet, remembering his hurt, politely asks Karishma to go and chill.
Karishma goes inside but starts whining about how Puneet showed her his ego when she approached him for doing his bidding.

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After a few minutes, Upen takes Gautam to the changing room for a talk. Meanwhile, Gautam’s remark spreads like wildfire in the whole house. Sushant, too, criticizes Gautam for the bitchy remark.
On the other hand, Upen pulls up Gautam for his negative comment. Gautam tries justifying himself by saying that he did not mean to take a dig at Upen. The whole matter gets snowballed into a big fight where Upen alleges Gautam for taking potshots at him and Soni during Saturday’s episode too. Gautam confronts Upen bravely and defends himself by saying that Upen fails to take a stand for his friends and chooses to be with the girls instead.
Arya jumps into the argument and begins supporting Upen. Gautam tells him to take a side as he is man who lacks backbone. Pritam and Ali work a bit at stopping the fight but in vain.
Somehow, the Gautam Vs Upen battle ends and the warning contestants as well as the surrounding inmates disperse to carry on with other work.

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