Bigg Boss 8, Day 37 recap: Praneet Bhat gets his eyebrows bleached!

Bigg Boss 8, Day 37 recap: Praneet Bhat gets his eyebrows bleached

We reported to you about how Ali Quili Mirza touched Sonali Raut in the wrong way. Not only did Sonali express her uneasiness towards Ali’s shameful act, but also were the other inmates in support of the Xpose actress. Undoubtedly, Ali’s act of rubbing Sonali Raut in the wrong way under a blanket in the last night’s episode was quite a shocker! About Ali’s misbehaviour, Bigg Boss did make Ali pay for his actions. Bigg Boss took a very apt decision of directly nominating him for next week’s nominations. Well, not only that, Ali has also been disrobed from his captaincy. Woah! What a sigh of relief for the contestants!

Today’s episode kicked off at an interesting note as the inmates got a random call from a stranger. The inmates seem to have been caught up in a phone-booth task as they get a call from a random stranger. This stranger, apparently, has the thread of life of each contestant, literally! From Praneet getting his eyebrows bleached to Sonali and Sushant indulging into drinking ‘energy drinks,’ this stranger seems to have been getting done some really tough tasks by the Bigg Boss 8 contestants. While Karishma managed to convince the inmates to do the tasks, Puneet failed miserably to do so in the first attempt itself. When Diandra and Karishma were asked to sacrifice their make-up, Puneet couldn’t manage to convince them to do so.

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Well, after a series of boring episodes, seems like Bigg Boss 8 has started to take quite an interesting turn. While Puneet failed to convince Diandra and Karishma in doing the task, it would be exciting to see if he would do better tomorrow s the photo-booth task continues in tomorrow’s episode. Until then, keep watching this space for the latest Bigg Boss 8 updates.

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