‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 37: Of Ali’s lecherous conduct, Upen’s angry outburst & Karishma’s cunning deals!

‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 37: Of Ali’s lecherous conduct, Upen’s angry outburst & Karishma’s cunning deals

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The episode began with Sonali alleging Ali, at night, for sneaking his hand to touch her wrongly under the blanket. Ali continues seeking her apology but in vain. When Sonali leaves the room, Sushant explains Ali that he should not be playing “such jokes” on her when she is not that comfortable with him. Karishma and Diandra talk about the issue getting snowballed.
Ali goes to the kitchen to apologise again but Sonali dismisses his plea and gives him an earful for his lecherous action.
The next morning, Puneet chides Ali for his misbehavior by saying, ”aapko tameez nahin hai? Apki maa-behen nahin hai?” Gautam and Pritam learn about the issue from Sonali and say Ali is going to be a dead duck now.
Later, Upen goes to have a face to face conversation with Puneet and his group. Upen show resentment at Puneet’s remark for the former’s relationship with Soni. Pritam reveals to Upen how Ali had filled their ears in the first case by telling them how people are talking about Upen having fun with D (Diandra) on TV.
Upen faces Ali and asks him if he had said what Pritam told him. Ali flatly refuses to admit the statement and tries dodging the whole matter.
All this further irritates Upen even more and he gives a final warning to everyone by saying that his goodness should not be taken for granted. He swears on his mother’s life and says that he will be the worst person for the one who messes with him and will bring the house down. He also challenges all to say what they want to on his face rather than resorting to backbiting.
After some time, BB listens to Sonali’s complaint against Ali’s misconduct and punishes him by removing him from captaincy. Not just this, but Ali also get barred from becoming the captain throughout the season of the show. On top of that, he also gets nominated for the next week’s evictions.
Bigg Boss installs a telephone booth in the garden area and the phone rings in the afternoon. Karishma runs to attend the phone call. A mystery caller speaks to her from the other side and puts the conditions of the task one by one. The caller tells Karishma to:
# Stay inside the booth till she is asked to leave
# not reveal the conversations between the caller and her to any housemate
# Convince the housemates to perform the task given by the caller
Also, the caller tells Karishma that if she fails to convince any contestant to do the task for her, then she will be at loss by getting nominated for the next week’s evictions.
The caller begins his work by asking Karishma about the most beautiful person in the house. She says “I am the one” to the caller. Then after, the caller asks her to name a person who needs a makeover. Karishma takes Praneet’s name. The caller asks her to convince Praneet to bleach his eyebrows and if he fails to do so, she will lose.
Karishma calls Praneet and asks him to bleach his eyebrows as a part of the task. Praneet gets hesistant initially but when Karishma swears on her mother to prove that she is not playing a trick on him, he agrees and enthusiastically gets his eyebrows bleached by her.
Next, the caller asks Karishma about the two persons who perform less work or don’t work at all. Karishma takes Sonali’s name very easily, and after much thought she picks Sushant as the second person.
The caller asks Karishma to convince Sushant and Sonali to drink green chili juice and an egg yolk concoction. Karishma lies by telling Sushant that if does not perform the task, then he will get nominated. Poor Sushant believe what she says and agrees to drink the chili drink. After much effort, he gives up and goes away to soothe himself. Karishma gets worries for Sushant and tells the caller that is it alright is Sushant leaves the task and agrees to get nominated as a penalty.
Next comes Sonali’s turn and she somehow braves the too salty egg yolk drink. However, before she could finish it, the caller asks Karishma to stop Sonali and let her free from the task.
After sometime, the caller asks Karishma to convince all the housemates to cut down their week’s ration to half and keep it in the store room. Karishma gets all the inmates assembles before her and resorts to lies to get her work done. She tells them that the caller has asked them to cut down the week’s ration as most of them had slept during day time and also because the ration was wasted a bit in the last few days. The housemates believe her and go about shifting half of the week’s supplies to the store room.
At night, the caller asks Karishma to leave the booth but before leaving, he asks her to nominate one person who could take her place and stay up all night inside the booth. Karishma shrewdly nominates Puneet and asks him to fill her place.
The caller then begins talking to Puneet and puts the same conditions before him as he did before dealing with Karishma.
The caller asks Puneet to convince Diandra and Karishma to put their make-up kit inside the store room. He summons Diandra and conveys the caller’s order to her. Diandra makes no fuss in doing what has been said to do by Puneet and also tells Karishma to put her make up in the store room.
Karishma shows reluctance in agreeing to obey what has been said. However, Diandra takes the make-up from her and puts it inside the store room. Later, Karishma has second thoughts and she hints how Puneet will be at a loss if they don’t agree to do what he says
Karishma takes back the make-up from the store room and hides it inside the double-bed rack.
Pritam and Praneet try convincing Karishma and Diandra to put back their make-up kit inside the store room but the women ignore their requests. Praneet tells Karishma how he bleached his brows at her request, so she should keep that act in view and agree to do what has been said by Puneet.
Later, Puneet sighs in a sad mood and tells the caller how the girls have not done the bidding. He also says that he expected Karishma to behave in such manner owing to her selfish nature.

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