Bigg Boss 8 Day 34 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan and Ali Quli Mirza criticize Sonali Raut for her Kamchor attitude

Bigg Boss 8 Day 34 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan and Ali Quli Mirza criticize Sonali Raut for her Kamchor attitude

Finally the day of Salman Khan’s Vaar has arrived in the Bigg Boss house. The housemates today have to face the wrath of their handsome host. They not only have to relive every incident happened in the entire week but also have to be answerable to Salman’s peculiar questions. As always the Dabangg star started off with a brief introduction of the incidents of the week. Read Bigg Boss 8: British pornstar Shanti Dynamite to enter Bigg Boss house as second wild card contestant

It’s been two weeks to the entry of the captain, Ali Quli Mirza, yet the housemates have not managed to gel with him. Every discussion with the Dubai based singer ends up as a tiff. Either the inmates are not willing to accept him as a co-contestant or Ali himself doesn’t want to get friends with them. While the captain is trying to maintain a disciplined environment inside the house, some contestants are simply not willing to succumb to his tactics. Will this problem be sorted out in coming weeks? We are not sure of it.

Sonali and her ‘kamchor behavior’ was the hot topic of discussion for the evening. While Ali was constantly hammering on her ignorance to do household chores, Salman also joined the captain (although sarcastically). Amid all the discussion, the Xpose actress expressed her desire to do a work with the Kick star. The reluctant Salman wittily turned down the offer stating that they are indeed working together for Bigg Boss.

Pritam Singh turned out to be the entertainer of the evening and was funnily mimicking his co-contestants and their behavior. Karishma Tanna again was targeted for her selfish strategies behind suggesting Sushant as the ideal captain of the house. Sushant was immensely hurt by the Salman’s statements on his poor leadership qualities and his laid back behavior. Salman Khan asked Karishma to justify her decision to suggest Sushant’s name instead of Diandra.

This week Salman decided to speak one-to-one with Diandra and suggested her to avoid getting in groups. He also advised that everyone has to fight their own battles single handedly in this house. He also encouraged the model saying that she is on the right path so far and she has nothing to worry about. The caller of the day targeted the so called sister-brother relation between Upen and Soni.

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All in all the weekend ka vaar seems to be a tedious task for Salman Khan. Despite being the host he has to indulge into minute details of every problem of the Bigg Boss house. No wonder, the Ready actor was not willingly to host the reality show for this season.

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