Bigg Boss 8 day 34 highlights: Salman Khan makes fun of Sonali Raut’s kamchor behaviour, RJ Pritam Singh entertains!

Bigg Boss 8 day 34 highlights Salman Khan makes fun of Sonali Raut’s kamchor behaviour, RJ Pritam Singh entertains

Here is our recap of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 8: It was that time of the week when host Salman Khan interacted with the contestants of Bigg Boss 8. And like always the episode had enough drama. For those of you who missed it, fret not, coz we are going to tell you what all happened.

Swachh Bharat, Swachh Bigg Boss ka ghar We recently told you how Salman Khan accepted PM Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat challenge and cleaned one part of Karjat. The Kick actor showed the contestants and the viewers the record of the same post which he started compelling a dig at Sonali Raut, who is not keeping the house clean. Sonali’s ‘kamchor behavior’ was the hot topic of discussion for the evening. While Ali Quli Mirza was constantly hammering on her ignorance to do household chores, Salman also joined the captain (although sarcastically).

RJ Pritam – The mimic Continuing the fun part, Salman then questioned Pritam to mimic some contestants of the house. The RJ was seen imitating Puneet Issar, Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares. The man was pretty damn incredible at it. Sonali wants to work with Salman Here also came a moment when all of a sudden Sonali articulated her desire to do a work with the Kick star. The reluctant Salman wittily twisted down the place forward stating that they are indeed working together for Bigg Boss. We wonder why Sonali articulated this desire and that out of nowhere.
Karishma becomes the target again

Karishma Tanna again was targeted for her selfish strategies in the rear suggesting Sushant as the ideal captain of the house. Sushant was immensely hurt by the statements on his poor leadership qualities and his laid back behavior post which he started crying. Poor soul. Salman’s advice to Diandra

This week Salman chose to converse in one-to-one with Diandra and suggested her to avoid getting in groups. He also advised that everyone has to fight their own battles single handedly in this house. He also positive the model saying that she is on the right path so far and she has nothing to worry about.

Upen and Soni’s brother-sister link going over the top? The caller of the day targeted the so called sister-brother relation between Upen and Soni. This obviously didn’t go down too well with both of them. We also saw Soni crying later. Tch tch.

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Regardless of all the drama throughout the week, the dread of elimination is still long drawn out over Diandra, Soni, Minissha and Sonali. Who do you reckon will get evicted tomorrow?

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