Bigg Boss 8 Day 31: It’s Gautam Gulati Vs Ali Quli Mirza now!

Bigg Boss 8 Day 31 It’s Gautam Gulati Vs Ali Quli Mirza now

It was a drama like no other-and it unfolded with abuses being hurled and threats being declared in equal proportions. The controversially colourful dude of the house Gautam Gulati has now picked up a fight-a massive one, at that-with the Dubai based singer Ali Quli Mirza. Such was the intensity of their verbal war that the ugly spat marked the day 31 of Bigg Boss season 8.

What started as a sweet making task turned into a bitter situation which later snowballed into an ugly saga. Once the task got over, Ali questioned Gautam about stealing things from the kitchen. The occurrence led to a heated debate and ugly arguments, during the course of which, Gautam blatantly abused Ali’s sister. Following which Ali simply lost his cool.

Ali declared in no uncertain words that while other inmates can take bullshit from Gautam, he will not tolerate the TV star’s antics. Ali also went on to call Gautam a chichora. So infuriated was Ali that he pointed a sharp knife to Gauatm and threatened that he would scoop Gautam’s eyes out if he uses abusive language.

Surprisingly, Praneet Bhatt, who was also seen showcasing his violent streak, took Gautam’s and countered Ali’s attack with an argument that there have been numerous instances in the past where Ali himself has resorted to expletives and objectionable speak in the house. This irked Ali further and he started calling Praneet names.

Pranett then decided to cool the captained Mirza down by having a pep talk with him. Ali broke during the talks and mentioned that he knows how to deal with certain situations, he further added that he could even handle abusive language, but what he can’t stand is anybody insulting his sister.

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Now you tell us folks did Gauatm cross the proverbial Laxman Rekha by insulting Ali’s sister?

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