‘Bigg Boss 8’ Day 26: Diandra makes fun of Ali during a fight & refuses to obey him; Housemates stand up against the captain!

Housemates stand up against the captain!

The day begins with Ali pushing Diandra, Karishma and Soni to begin their share of the household chores. Despite persistent calls, the women take their own sweet time to get working. Ali goes away and then says on camera that even animals don’t need so much coaxing to get work done.

The contestants get a new task of the day in which Ali gets the right to fulfill a wish of one deserving contestant and punish the undeserving one. He goes to sit in the garden area and one by one, all the contestant go to him to express their desire. Upen wishes to have protein shake, Pritam desires enjoying a sweet dish with other members as well, and Sonali shares her wish to speak to her sister living in the US. After listening to everyone’s requests, Ali tells BB that he would like to fulfill Upen;s desire ‘coz he does all the work assigned to him immaculately.

And, the captain chooses to punish Karishma for interfering with the work of kitchen when she is not supposed to do so. BB orders Karishma to be invisible till she gets freed. The housemates are debarred from interacting with her and on her part, she has to make efforts to speak to the inmates.

Sushant speaks to Sonali and shares his thoughts about Ali’s move to rewards Upen with the protein shake. He says that Ali has strategically fulfilled Upen’s wish ‘coz he wants to separate Soni from him. Sonali too agrees that Ali has come with a plan in his mind.

In the evening, Ali calls Minissha and Soni out of the house to punish them for failing to keep the pool clean. The girls get defensive and refuse to follow his orders. Ali gets frustrated at them and orders them with more force to accept the punishment. He asks both the girls to sit separately in the garden area. Minissha begins fighting with Gautam for complaining about them to Ali. Gautam clarifies that he had cleaned the pool ‘coz he wanted to have a swim and when Ali caught her cleaning, he told them about the presence of insects in the pool. Minissha goes on cursing Gautam. Meanwhile, Ali complains to Pritam, Praneet and a few others about the wrong attitude of Minissha and Soni. He says that he could have forgiven their mistake had they come to him with an apologetic mindset.

BB calls Puneet inside the confession room and asks him the reason for keeping a glum face. Puneet shares that it was his daughter’s birthday tomorrow and asks BB to convey his best wishes to her. BB asks him to send her the birthday wishes directly on TV. Puneet breaks down into tears and send his daughter a warm birthday message on TV. As he leaves the room, he listens to the message sent by his daughter to him. All the housemates get happy and give him a group hug.

After dinner, Ali smells something burning and asks the kitchen workers about the matter. He comes to know that Diandra had burned a piece of paper to lit the candle. Ali summons Diandra and instructs her to douse the fire at a safer place for safety purpose. Diandra, in her typical ‘I-don’t-care-for-what-you-say manner, tells him to chill as she knows how to deal with it. This reply makes Ali angry and it turns into a war of words. Diandra refuses to abide by Ali’s order or accept his punishment while Ali complains to BB about her attitude. Diandra makes fun of Ali when he says that she should be obedient to him as the housemates were lawaaris and they have got a waaris in him.

Diandra goes inside the bedroom and Sushant tells her that they have had enough of Ali and all of them should give him a piece of their mind. On the other hand, Ali expresses disliking for Diandra’s egoistic attitude and remarks that he wants to set her straight ‘coz usne sab episodes mein dhajjiyaan udaayi hui hain (she has given bad time to P3G & Sonali).

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Late at night, Arya, Upen, Pritam, Gautam ,Puneet, Praneet and a few other inmates sit down to talk to Ali. Arya says that till now your attitude has been the most aggressive in the house. Ali begs to differ and puts his own points of view. Praneet tries explaining to Ali that as captain they need him for support and guidance and not for proving his dominion over them. Ali replies that he is aggressive on the contestants who run away from daily chores and he is noting all the actions of the rule breakers.

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