Bigg Boss 8, Day 10 Will Deepshika Nagpal’s team be rude to the new entrants of the house?

Day 10 started with Deepshika's team preparing to enter the Bigg Boss house after winning the daunting 'Hijack' task that lasted for 2 days.

Day 10 started with Deepshika’s team preparing to enter the Bigg Boss house after winning the daunting ‘Hijack’ task that lasted for 2 days.
As the day began to fade, the feeling of resentment between Pritam’s team and Deepshika’s team began to grow stronger. While one team prepared to enter the Bigg Boss house, the other started collecting the fallen pieces and cleaning their aircraft home. As Bigg Boss announced Deepshika’s team to enter the house, the blinds between the house and the garden were lifted. Karishma, Diandra and Sushant rushed into the house with utmost excitement as they explored every nook and corner of the extravagant house. From the living area to the kitchen, the housemates savored every moment of their reward.
Sony and Sukirti were seen resenting the unappreciative attitude of Karishma. They had stood up for her against Gautam but she didn’t seem to thank them even once. In spite of all the differences, all passengers had their last supper in the garden area together before some of them moved inside the main house.

Entering the house may have been the best thing to happen to the contestants since they started this journey but the house holds a lot more than just happiness and comfort for the passengers. While discretion and secrecy is the norm of the show, Bigg Boss creates a rouse to test the unity in the team by making Aarya the first housemate to be called into the confession room.
Late in the night, Bigg Boss announced that Pritam’s team would get the opportunity to enter the house, but they would remain slaves to Deepshika’s team until they win the next task. But that was not the end of the condition. The next thing that shocked all members was the fact that two members would be permanent slaves in the house, regardless of the outcome of their task. To no one’s surprise Gautam was decided as the first team member to be a permanent slave while a lengthy debate concluded that Praneet would be the other.
It remains to be seen how Deepshika’s team reacts to the new entrants of the house and how they treat their newly designated slaves.

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