Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Ali Quli Mirza Again In Trouble

Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Ali Quli Mirza Again In Trouble

Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol challenger Rahul Mahajan, has time and again given chance to the audiences to laugh over his funny behavior and talks. Rahul Mahajan’s gossipy behavior turned out wrong between Gautam and him. Rahul shared outside happening news and talks about Gautam Gulati with Ali Quli Mirza.

Like we all know, Ali Quli Mirza earned ‘double dholki’ title from Bigg Boss 8 and other contestants. The next morning Ali runs to Gautam Gulati and discusses all the talks happened last night between him and Rahul Mahajan.

As Rahul spoke about Gautam’s bad image outside the house, Gautam reacts to it and that creates argument between the three. Rahul Mahajan denies the truth that he spoke about Gautam to Ali. And all the blame turns out on Ali Quli Mirza.

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Between all the fight, angry lady Sambhavna Seth intervenes their arguments and blames Ali Quli Mirza for being double sided. She even blames him to be reason behind Ajaz Khan’s disqualification. While the luxury task goes on for the champions and challengers. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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