Bigg Boss 8: Be Courageous to say sach! says Praneet

Be Courageous to say sach! says Praneet

My khoofiyaa nazar saw Praneet and Ali discussing how the members in the house seem two faceted, when it comes to telling the truth. What he meant was, the members are found occasionally going to the camera alone and confessing things. They should rather lay their opinions in front of everyone to avoid any misunderstandings and have clear communication.

He also said that our ‘janta janardan’ is watching the show and they can very well make out who is doing what. Well,I can’t agree with you more Panditji!

Later the duo also added on how Puneet keeps giving different statements to different people in house. Ali too seemed to be in favor of whatever Praneet had to say, in fact I felt Ali is opening up a bit more than before and told Praneet that he really admires him ever since the season started and highly appreciated him for the ways he is tackling matters in the house.

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Now is that the truth? Hmmm..if yes, then seems like kisi ko saccha dost mil hi gaya aakhir!

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