Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli, Sonali Raut compete for Captaincy

Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli, Sonali Raut compete for Captaincy

While the world celebrates the merriment of Christmas, the atmosphere inside the house is anything but joyful. The end of the week also winds up Sonali Raut’s time as Captain. The housemates feel that she is the worst Captain as she herself broke the rules of the house.

Bigg Boss announces that the first contestant to enter the confession room will become a contender for the next captaincy task. On hearing this, Ali who is closest to the confession room, races inside and locks the door.

As he is the first to enter the room, Ali receives a special advantage wherein he is given the opportunity to choose the housemate against whom he will compete during the captaincy task. He believes that Sonali is his weakest competition inside the house and so selects her as his competitor.

Bigg Boss later announces the Captaincy task for this week. Ali and Sonali will have to stand on a pedestal and hold the captaincy flag above their heads with just one hand. Bigg Boss further announces that the contender who holds the flag for the longest duration while standing on the pedestal will be declared as the new captain of the house. Sonali surprises everybody by proving to be a worthy opponent opposite Ali.

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As the new Captain is selected, Bigg Boss announces the Luxury Budget Task for the week. Bigg Boss beseeches former captain Sonali to choose 3 housemates whom she would like to exclude from the luxury task as well as elude them from enjoying the privilege of the luxury items. Will this further create unrest in the house?

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