Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza, The In-House Hitler

Ali Quli Mirza, The In-House Hitler

New entrant singer-actor Ali Quli Mirza is not making things easy for himself in Bigg Boss’ house. The actor, who entered the game two days back, has taken his captaincy a little too seriously. He has been dictating rules constantly on all contestants so much so that he has to be reminded every now and then that only Bigg Boss alone has the power to command them.

Further the players are confused as their roles and duties are changed too often by Ali, who is trying his best to build his reign. Ali’s irksome commands are further met with resistance form the housemates, who are not keen to be bossed around by anyone other than Bigg Boss himself.

Alternatively, Bigg Boss continues testing the housemates by giving them new tasks on a whim. However this time the task assigned is in Ali’s favour once again, as it allows him to have a field day allowing him to grant one wish to all the contestants but punish one contestant who he is not particularly fond of. So obviously, Ali’s decision in the ‘Judgment Day’ task does very little to enhance his image before the housemates.

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The second task of the day cheered up the contestants a bit. The housemates, divided in two teams, are required to make their way through obstacles to the finish line in a cardboard car. The twist is that the driver of each car will be blindfolded and will be instructed by the rest of the teammates.

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