Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza Shows Who’s The Boss

Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza Shows Who’s The Boss

Colors is trying a lot of twists and turns to get more audience for its reality show Bigg Boss 8. The buzz is pretty low unlike last seasons and timely and untimely twists are ingested to get the TRPs. The latest in that regards is wild card entry of Ali Quli Mirza. He looks tailor-made to whip up a storm in the house. His entry episode will be aired tonight and it seems he has been selected to make things difficult for the natives of the Bigg Boss house.

Ali’s entry was a bit of shock for all as it was sudden and nobody had any clue such a thing is about to happen. But things reached fever pitch when the moments after his entry, Bigg Boss declared him the Captain of the house. Now, the inmates don’t really have any option but to welcome the new entrant which they did, however in a surreptitious way. Being the first captain of the house, he takes a tour of the house and judges that it needs much cleaning. Thus begins the Swachchata Abhiyaan wherein each member of the house has been given a job each of cleaning the house.

Their hardwork do pay off to some extent with the Bigg Boss allotting them the luxury budget but they would have to earn it anyway which sends the inmates into worry zone. The torture task in the evening saw a few ups and downs. The Daas got the opportunity put someone else in their place and take pleasure out of it while Ali presided over the whole exchange.

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Ali’s decisions had its desired repercussions and he became the talk of the house. But he knows it doesn’t always pay off to be vile. You need to make some frenemies to last longer in the game and so he can be seen singing songs to entertain the public.

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