Bigg Boss 8 Ali Quli Mirza should be evicted this week, say fans!

Bigg Boss 8 elimination: Ali Quli Mirza should be evicted this week, say fans

Here are the results of our recently conducted poll. Like every week, we conducted a poll asking you out of five nominated contestants – Renee Dhyani, Ali Quli Mirza, Sonali Raut, Upen Patel and Praneet Bhatt – who should be eliminated this week from Bigg Boss 8 this week. Well, here are the results.

We received an amazing response from our readers who think it’s Ali, who should bid adieu to Bigg Boss 8. And we aren’t surprised at all.

Ali hardly has control over what he says and thus is canned every now and then by his co-inmates. The man has a verbal diarrheoa and always manages to steal the limelight by doing or saying something that doesn’t go down very well with the rest of the housemates.

Recently, we saw how he got slapped by Sonali Raut, after she came to know that he passed some very cheap comments about her just few weeks back when Lisa Haydon entered the show to promote her last film.

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And now it looks like even the viewers are not interested to see him on the show. Will he be out of the Bigg Boss house this week? Or will it be someone else? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch…

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