Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza made Sonali Raut cry again?

Ali Quli Mirza made Sonali Raut cry again

It was an outburst of emotions for Sonali Raut’s on Bigg Boss 8 when Ali Quli Mirza bitched about Sonali in front of other housemates. Looks like he is in a mood to take revenge from Sonali for all the past accusations she had put on him. Bitching about Sonali, Ali said she refrains from doing work, and stressed towards her disinterest in making chapattis.

So when Praneet Bhatt checked with her regarding the same she was shocked and said that it wasn’t true at all and that she never made such statements. Just after a few moments, Sonali was seen crying bitterly saying she cannot handle all this anymore.She said she has tried to be strong all this while but now it’s getting bit too much for her to cope. She also mentioned how desperately she wants to go back home.

Diandra Soares, Karishma Tanna and others then came to calm her down. Diandra said that many times when you are full of emotions, even a small thing can hurt you terribly.

Sonali is seen bonding a lot with KT and Diandra these days, and at that moment the two genuinely stood by her.

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But what about Ali? Is he sorry? Will he apologise?

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