Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza gets cold shouldered on his return

Ali Quli Mirza gets cold shouldered on his return

Ali Quli Mirza has always managed to get on the wrong foot with everybody in the house, from Karishma Tanna to Dimpy Ganguly, but looks like he’s gone a bit too far this time.

Ali’s ‘prostitue’ remark on Sonali has put everybody in an anti-Ali mode. And this is despite the fact that Sonali is not a very liked personality in the house.

After the whole slap gate incident, Ali was put in a separate room owing to his ill health. No one in the house, however, seems to be bothered about either Mr Mirza’s health or Mr Mirza himself.

All Ali’s secrets are out now and everybody pounces on him the moment he tries to clarify. Taken aback by the confrontations, Ali simply denies having said anything about anyone ever and says that he’s being plotted against. But no one is fooled.

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Everybody leaves Ali to despair over what he did. Let’s see what happens next!

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