Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza does a Kushal Tandon, tries to escape from the house!

Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza does a Kushal Tandon, tries to escape from the house

So what pushed Ali Quli Mirza to take such a drastic step on Bigg Boss 8? Following the ugly incident with Sonali Raut where she ended up slapping him, Ali’s only friend in the house Upen Patel informs him that he is the most disliked person around & nobody wants to be with him.

A shaken Ali tries to clear the air with Dimpy Mahajan and Sonali and apologises for his behavior, but the girls refuse to forgive him. Upen further tells him that no one considers him a friend anymore. Ali soon realises that the whole house is against him. One assumes that a feeling of isolation & loneliness could have triggered Ali to jump out & escape from the house.

In the evening when all the housemates were seen gearing up for yet another weekend with Salman Khan, Ali storms out in the garden and quietly tries to sneak out by climbing up the roof top of the house.

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Will Ali succeed in pulling off this stunt like Kushal Tandon did last season? Watch tonight’s episode to know what happens to Ali Quli Mirza!

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