Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza asks Dimpy Mahajan to stay in her limits

Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza asks Dimpy Mahajan to stay in her limits

Ali is in search of his soft toy “Chussu” which he has kept after his girlfriend Gaur’s nickname. Dimpy while having fun hide it somewhere and does not tell Ali.

Ali comes in search of the soft toy and confronts Dimpy who is sitting with Puneet Praneet and Pritam. Dimpy says she has kept it in the suitcase. He gets angry and asks her not to do that to him again as the soft toy is an emotional part for him

Dimpy who is pissed off at Ali due to their heated weekend ka vaar ask Ali to buzz off. Ali gets angry and asks her to stay in her limits and if she doesn’t than see what he does. Dimpy gets up and asks him to do what ever he can.

Ali then teases her by making funny noises referring to her squeaky voice and walks into the bed room. House mates who are in the bed room and don’t know what is going on laugh at Ali’s funny behaviour

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Dimpy hearing the laughter gets upset with everyone and makes big ruckus out of a small situation.

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