Bigg Boss 8: Ali nominates Praneet for the same reason yet again!

Bigg Boss 8: Ali nominates Praneet for the same reason yet again

It’s the day of nominations once again! I have noticed one thing that as the contestants have started knowing each other more closely they have become quite familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses too.

Last week we saw how unfair Praneet felt when Ali chose him to be punished by Big Boss and made him clean a towering pile of utensils. Although, Pandit ji were trying to sporting, I could see him fuming from within! But this time it really crossed the threshold of his patience, when Big Boss announced for direct nomination of two housemates for the week by the captain. Why? Well, because once again Ali nominated Sonali and Praneet. Ali gave the same old reason that he doesn’t work!

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This time around, Praneet couldn’t take it anymore and backfired at Ali. It seriously felt like being in the middle of LOC! Praneet asked him to nominate himself for valid and right reasons not saying “yeh kaam nahi karta” because as per Praneet, he works well for how much he is asked for. Feeling extremely hurt and partial Praneet questioned Ali in every possible way, and Ali in his defence said he couldn’t think of any other name and that his intention was not to make Praneet feel bad.

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