Bigg Boss 8: Ali gets it spot on, makes Gautam break down

Bigg Boss 8: Ali gets it spot on, makes Gautam break down

If there is one thing Bigg Boss 8 participants take seriously, it has to be the tasks they have to ace every other day. In Wednesday’s episode, it’s Sambhavna Seth’s turn to hold on to one desperately. In the end, she gives up the ‘Torture Cage’ task, after standing for more than twelve hours, leaving Dimpy Ganguli, Pritam Singh and Gautam Gulati in the fray. The task required the contestants to press a button against their name, without a break.

Dimpy too throws in the towel for some more pizza! Mehek Chahal and Ali Quli Mirza try their best to distract Gautam, and eventually succeed. Ali comments on Gautam’s personality, taunting him and Gautam gets frustrated. Annoyed by the comments, Gautam storms to the washroom crying, leaving Pritam to win the task. What pinched Gautam? It is still a mystery.

Meanwhile, Gautam Gulati promises to gift the best make-up kit to Karishma Tanna. In the evening, Karishma is seen telling Pritam that no matter how much she fought with Gautam, she never hated him nor wished anything bad for him.

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Reports also suggest that Bigg Boss is planning mid-week eviction. Who will be the target? What’s your guess?

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