Bigg Boss 8: Ali flirting around Vs Puneet’s real emotions

Bigg Boss 8 Ali flirting around Vs Puneet's real emotions

It’s his second day in the house and Ali’s been caught flirting by none other than Ms Khabri! .I have seen him quite often in the house going from one girl to the other with ‘ghisa pita’ pick up lines…but sadly! No heed to that unfortunately. Tagging it as entertainment, he was seen singing the song ‘kisse bhidaau taaka’ which sounded even more funny when the other boys in the house joined in .Aaa..hanste hanste katt jaaye raste,hai na?

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On the other side the girls of the house were found disclosing about their boyfriends and that why wouldn’t they be even slightly interested in THE offer! *Khi Khi Khi* .Ouch! did I hear someone’s heart breaking? Well, can’t be helped! But, while all this was going on, Puneet was found little low throughout the day, until he got the actual surprise!!! Guess what?? It was his daughter’s message, who was celebrating her birthday same day.. We have seen Puneet keeping a low profile for past few days, except some bitching, but he couldn’t have asked for more !! Sweet gesture Big Boss..

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