Bigg Boss 8: Ajaz troubles Ali, Puneet breaks down Recap, Day 100

Ajaz troubles Ali, Puneet breaks down: Recap, Day 100_1

Episode starts off with challenger Ajaz’s entry and right from the first moment a fight ensues between him and his friend Ali. Ajaz is forbidden to talk by Bigg Boss but through actions Ajaz tells everyone how Ali has bitched about each one behind their backs.

In the morning Ajaz gets special treatment as chefs come inside the house to prepare breakfast for him. Other housemates stare at him in jealousy!

Karishma and Upen are in a fight again because Karishma feels he’s getting too possessive about her. Upen feels he isn’t thinking about the game unlike her and considers that they share a good relation in real life.

Bigg Boss announces Freeze Release task in which when said housemates have to freeze wherever they’re. And Ajaz’s task is to unfreeze them by troubling them. His target is Ali and he does various things to irritate his friend.

In the second round too Ajaz targets Ali and wraps tissue papers around his face. Ali takes it all quietly with patience.

Ajaz becomes guide of Bigg Boss and tours with a group. While the housemates are in freeze mode he introduces them to everyone and shares how Sonali “devil ke peeche hai aur devil uske peeche!” He also made fun of Ali and showed everyone how he polishes his bald head! He advises Gautam to become the one man army again as his fans want to see him in action!

Puneet’s wife Deepali Issar comes to meet him but sadly Bigg Boss asks everyone to freeze! Both get emotional but she asks him to stay strong and that his kids miss him a lot! She praises Ali for providing entertainment and tells Gautam that he’s her favorite after Puneet and she’s sure both will remain as close even after the game.

In a sweet gesture Mrs. Issar also meets Karishma and hugs her tight! She’s happy to see both Puneet and her resolve their differences. She also hugs Sonali and praises her for looking extremely pretty.

As Mrs. Issar bids farewell and the task is over Puneet runs to the door and yells ‘I love you’! Awwwww!

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Housemates get another surprise as Diandra enters the house! Can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow!

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