Bigg Boss 8: Aarya gets mad at Praneet

Aarya gets mad at Praneet

Did Ms Khabri hear angry Sunny Deol screaming in the house? I think I did so I quickly ran to see if Sunny Deol had entered. It wasn’t Sunny paaji but our Babbar sher, Aarya Paaji, who was screaming his lungs out like how Sunny deo did while uprooting the hand pump. Wow! Kinna macho lagta hai!!!

Anyway, coming back to the story, Praneet was trying to get hold of the flag pole, so that he could place the villain’s flag on it. While doing this the wooden flag, which was already on the pole started hurting Aarya. On top of it, Praneet and Gautam started instigating him more in order to get him lose his cool.

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Aarya kept on shouting. It felt like as if I was on the sets of some action movie scene. Later on, he calmed down and his team members applauded for him for his energy. I went little closer to see if he got hurt and I could see bruises on his neck and leg.

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