Bigg Boss 8: Aarya Babbar pushes Ali Quli Mirza into the pool

Bigg Boss 8 Aarya Babbar pushes Ali Quli Mirza into the pool

The new captain and entrant of ‘Bigg Boss 8’ house Ali Quli Mirza doesn’t really have many fans in the house which is becoming quite evident. To show him just how much his tyranny over the contestants is not appreciated, Minissha Lamba, Soni Singh and Aarya Babbar decide to play a prank on him.

Ali has been sporting an injury in his neck since he first entered the house and when his neck got particularly stiff during the afternoon, Minissha offered to give him a neck message to ease the muscles and the pain. Under the pretense of this massage, the contestants even got him to remove his mike. After this, Soni complained to Ali about some object floating in the swimming pool. Concerned by this, Ali heads towards the pool to inspect the matter.

However, as Ali gave in to the relaxation, he felt a shove and soon found himself inside the pool. When he looked around, he found out that Aarya had, in fact, pushed him into the water as a prank. Tired of the way Ali had been treating the contestants, they had found a hilarious way to pay him back. All the contestants burst out laughing as Ali did not even realize what hit him. In fact, Minissha and Soni quickly stepped forward and claimed full responsibility for the prank while a shocked Ali just looked on wondering what had just transpired.

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After this incident, will the contestants face some backlash from him for pulling this prank? What will his payback be?

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