Bigg Boss 11: Who will Win, team Arshi or team Shilpa?

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 11 we saw that Bigg Boss secretly told Shilpa and Arshi that the former will actually be the good queen and the latter the bad one for the luxury budget task – Raja Rani Ki Kahaani. This is yet not revealed in front of the praja (housemates).

A lot happened during the task yesterday, to an extent that Sapna broke down after Arshi in her character as a queen asked her to press her legs, Sapna felt humiliated because of this and decided she would take revenge. Hiten somehow managed to calm her down.

Both the teams are playing the game aggressively and Shilpa and Arshi doing justice their roles given. However the final decision will be of Hiten as the Raja/King today, who will decide which Rani he chooses.

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Praja of the respective teams need to also ensure that the king remains happy, so it would also be funny to see them finding ways in doing so. One being Arshi’s team dancing in front of the king on Azeemo shaan shehensha…! On the other hand queen Shilpa will shake a leg on Jhingaat for the king!

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