Bigg Boss 11: Watch Zubair Khan latest Video

ALLAH sach ko jantta hai. Mein sach ka saath dunga, Jhoot ke khilaaf ladunga InshaAllah.

Posted by Zubair Khan on Sunday, October 8, 2017

What Do you think Who is right?? Is Zubair Khan messing with a wrong person or has Salman Khan messed with the wrong guy? The fight that began on the weekend ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 11 is shockingly leading into a full blown controversy. Where Salman blasted Zubair for his abusive behaviour saying, “Tujhe Kutta banaunga” on national Television.

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Zubair, who got thrown out of the house, is busy ranting against Salman. A Pop Diaries video of Zubair’s rant right after leaving Bigg Boss 11 is doing the rounds on the internet where you can clearly see the man who claims to be a director and “undercover agent” making ridiculous allegations about Salman.

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