Bigg Boss 11: War of words between zubair khan and bandgi kalra in tonights episode

Zubair and Bandgi can’t stand each other and this is very clear from day one. In tonight’s episode Zubair would be seen telling Bandgi that she has kept her feet on two boats which will eventually create a trouble for her in future. Bandgi in her defense says she will remain as it is and that Zubair should keep his suggestions to himself.

Zubair further says she is playing double games acting sweet in front of everyone. He says if she really wants to play the real game she should play openly.

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He also adds on saying that she isn’t that popular to which Bandgi backfires at him.
Zubair also adds on saying he has come to show his clean image and that for the sake of his children. Temperature soars up in the house post this incident.

What’s going to happen next? Is this a beginning of a new tension in the Bigg Boss house?

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