Bigg Boss 11: Things get uglier between Vikas and Shilpa

Shilpa drops something in Vikas’s tea

The incident happened in kitchen when Shilpa drops something in Vikas’s tea which she says happened by mistake. Hiten who was present at the scene listened to Vikas who said she did that purposely, when she knew he (Vikas) isn’t keeping well due to cold.

Vikas with a cup of tea in his hand walks out saying he would now drop tea on Shilpa’s clothes to teach her a lesson. He pours the whole tea opening her suitcase on her clothes. This doesn’t end here, Vikas goes mad when he alleges that Shilpa tried stamping by dropping the suitcase on his feet.

In fit of rage they get closer and just then Shilpa shouts asking him not to touch her! Other housemates gather at the scene.

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With situation going out of control this way what’s in store for Shilpa and Vikas in the Bigg Boss house?

Author: Bigg Boss

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