Bigg Boss 11: Shocking! Vikas Gupta wants to QUIT the show, ready to pay Rs 2 crore as penalty?

Things are getting intense on Bigg Boss 11 with every passing day. And Vikas Gupta is not able to deal with so much drama. Just few weeks back he attacked Puneesh Sharma in a fit of rage and was banned from becoming the captain every again. Then he fought with his friend Benafhsha Soonawalla in Priyank Sharma’s absence.

Even though Priyank returned to the house, things didn’t get better as cracks have started to develop in Vikas and Priyank’s friendship too. The final nail in the coffin was when he was given a chance to become the captain again during last night’s episode, but only on the condition that he wins the luxury budget task.

He manages to win the task, but housemates select Benafsha to be one of the contenders for captaincy. This didn’t go down well with Vikas, who felt betrayed. However, things went from bad to worse when he was chosen as one of the three worst performers of the task.

This is when he couldn’t take it anymore, it seems as he decided to run away from the house. According to a report Vikas, who tried to escape from the house few weeks back, did that again. Vikas managed to find one of the doors, which led to the exit, and tried to escape from the house. However, Bigg Boss immediately stopped him and called him inside the confession room.

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And this time, he was in no mood to listen as the reports further suggests that he requested Bigg Boss to let him quit the show. In fact, he was even ready to pay the penalty of Rs 2 crore for breaching the contract. Of course, he is asked to re-think his decision. What will be Vikas’ final decision? Will he quit the show? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch.

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