Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa, Zubair, Akash are put in ‘kaalkothri’

Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa, Zubair, Akash are put in 'kaalkothri'

The show starts with a panel discussion between scribe Shweta Singh, RJ Malishka and former Bigg Boss contestant, RJ Pritam Singh. Maliksha says she finds Arshi Khan a dangerous player, and she finds Sapna Chaudhary intriguing. Inside the house Jyoti is seen annoyed as the inmates tease her as Jyoti Dadlani; rapper Akash Dadlani seems to like her, wheras Puneesh is seen bonding with Bandagi. Malishka and Pritam like Hina, Zubair, Arshi, Priyank and Vikas.

Further, Malishka says we are a patriarchal society so we are judging Arshi to be obscene, who she feels was being herself. Pritam says he was touched by Zubair’s story but he disappointed him. The panelists feel the contestants are all ganging up and their true colours will be revealed only after two to three weeks.

Early morning, the inmates wake up to Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho, and Hina and Arshi are the first to get into a major conflict with a heated exchange of words. Arshi takes a dig at Hina calling her the slimmer version of Dolly Bindra. She also taunts her as Zubair’s wife.

Hina threatens Arshi that she should not touch her, and further tells her that Salman Khan will throw her out just the way he threw out Priyanka Jagga in the previous season. And as it happens every year, the fight between these two ladies started in the kitchen area, which is famous for creating rifts amongst the housemates.

As Hina and others were making food, Arshi came into the kitchen and started making something for her. She used two full cartons of milk, something that didn’t go down well with Hina, who said that the milk that has been provided is for everyone. Arshi being the adamant person she is, didn’t stop and continued. Hiten Tejwani, Vikas Gupta and others try to explain her and tell her to share the milk with everyone, but she refuses and adds turmeric to the milk. This is when all hell break loose as Hina got infuriated.

It looks like the inmates have been divided in groups – having formed a compact group — Shilpa, Arshi, Akash and Puneesh have uncommon friendship in each other. On the other hand, Vikas and Hina are leading the bandwagon with the rest of the contestants. Further, Arshi and Jyoti get into an argument over a matter that started as a joke but ended in a war! In lighter moments, Akash proposes to Jyoti for marriage as his ultimate fantasy is to date a ‘village girl.’

And as usual, the war is in full swing between Vikas and Shilpa. Shilpa continues to instigate Vikas with taunting comments and songs to a point that a visibly livid Vikas decides to take matter in his own hands. When Shilpa deliberately drops a piece of ginger in his cup of tea, he gets back by pouring his cup of tea all over the luggage in the store room.

Their fights are getting extremely ugly and nasty by the day. Hina is heard telling Benafsha that Vikas was also responsible for the mess between him and Shilpa. Soon, Benafasha realizes that her favourite dress is now ruined because Shilpa dropped tea in the luggage room while getting back at Vikas. Benafsha gets deeply upset about it.

As the day comes to an end, the battle ground has intensified with numerous fights going on around the house. With so much happening, Bigg Boss decides to “inaugurate” the jail as it’s time for someone to go to the dreaded ‘kaalkothri’. Bigg Boss asks gharwale to nominate three individuals they think deserve the harsh brutality that the jail has to offer. By mutual consensus, they come up with three names: Arshi, Shilpa, Akash. Looking at the camera, Shilpa and Arshi, who have ganged up, say that the rest of the contestants were losers and that they were scared of them.

A twist is on the horizon as Padosis are informed that they have special power over the decision made by gharwale. They have to save one out of the three contestants decided, and have to come up with another name to be put in jail. After mutual agreement, padosis save Arshi from going to jail as they want to break the bond between Shilpa and Arshi. They give Zubair’s name as he has been abusive.

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Hina is deeply upset at this and feels that the padosis should have saved Akash rather than Arshi. Hina breaks down and already wants to leave the house. Talking about eliminations, Malishka feels Jyoti or Bandagi might be leaving the house this weekend as they don’t have much to contribute.

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