Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa and Jyoti targeted during nominations

Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa and Jyoti targeted during nominations

After an eventful first day in the Bigg Boss house, which saw multiple fights breaking out, the contestants were given many opportunities to continue where they left off on day 2. Bigg Boss announced that the first nominations would be held in the presence of every housemate.

As per the norm, contestants were asked to submit two other contestants’ names whom they want to see evicted from the show. But this time, they would have to stamp the faces of the persons they’re nominating.

But as we saw in the first episode, battle lines have already been drawn between some of the contestants – most notably Vikas and Shilpa, but new enemies were made during the nominations. Most of the contestants had very strong reasons to back their decisions. Vikas, as expected, voted for Shilpa, while Hina was upset by other contestants’ behaviour. Benafsha got into a heated argument while naming Shilpa as her pick. Later, Akash started screaming that he is a one man army.

But Bigg Boss then unleashed a twist: The final nominations would only be made after the ‘padosis’ had had their say.

All in all, Jyoti and Shilpa were the most targeted contestants of the first round of nominations. Joining them were Bandgi Kalra, Zubair and Arshi Khan.

But things didn’t cool down after the nominations were announced. Now that every hidden feeling had been made clear in the open nominations, Jyoti and Benafsha got into a heated argument, with Benafsha loudly arguing that Jyoti should be thankful of being taught the right things in the house.

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Meanwhile, in their separate room, the ‘padosis’ were seen discussing the day’s events. Mehjabi was seen talking about Jyoti’s behaviour, and how she was targeted by the other housemates. Along with Luv, she has announced herself as the biggest plotter in the padosi team.

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