Bigg Boss 11: Secret dating to keeping an eye on padosis

Bigg Boss 11: Secret dating to keeping an eye on padosisWe all know that Bigg Boss 11 will have a brand new theme this time–Padosis. But along with the theme, it looks like the tasks will be completely different compared to the previous seasons.

According to BiggBossDiary, the house will be divided into blocks and a celeb and a common man will be teamed up i.e. they will live together. The report further states that each contestant will be given some facility and they will get a chance to earn some privileges from time to time.

The contestants will have to exchange these facilities to survive. Besides, bonus points will be awarded upon completion of a task. “The first task is to keep eye on neighbours. People have to spy on one another and inform Bigg Boss. If your neighbour has leaked your secret, you lose,” a source told the website.

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Another task will require couples to date secretly. If they are successful, they will earn privileges, and if they fail, they will get punished. The captain of the house will be the only person to have all the privileges.

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