Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma Wins The Captaincy Task, But Pees On National Televison

Winning captaincy tasks in the Bigg Boss house can be terribly hard. In a task which was much inclined towards the concept of peeing, the captaincy was at stake. And with it, the immunity. The pressure can be immense. And by the looks of it, the pressure got to Puneesh Sharma. So much so, that the man peed in his pants – on national television.

As per reports, in a task which involved contestants Benafshaa Soonawala, Hiten Tejwani, and Puneesh Sharma contending for the captaincy, the contestants were made to resist their urge to pee for as long as I can. In this last man standing task, they were also made to drink water at regular interval.

Hiten and Benafshaa were confident on winning the task but soon were powerless to answer the nature’s call. As soon as Puneesh learned of the other two contestants losing the task, his excitement showed physically as he peed in his pants.

This isn’t the first time a contestant peed in the pants in the Bigg Boss house, It was only last season that Priyanka Jagga suffered the same fate with the nation as witness. Anyway, this means that Puneesh Sharma is the new captain of the house, but it will be a tricky task for him now as the house keeps getting more controversial by the day.

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The last uproar was caused by Vikas Gupta who attempted to run out of the house over continued casting couch allegations by Shilpa Shinde. Keep watching this space for more Bigg Boss updates.

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