Bigg Boss 11 preview: Amid loud fights, five nominations are announced.

Bigg Boss 11 preview: Amid loud fights, five nominations are announced.

Just two days into the new season, the first nomination procedure took place on Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss. A new video posted on the show’s Twitter account showed the contestants taken aback after Bigg Boss’ announcement that it would be an open nomination.

As per the norm, contestants would have to submit two other contestants’ names whom they want to see evicted from the show. But this time, they would have to stamp the faces of the persons they’re nominating.

But as we saw in the first episode, battle lines have already been drawn between some of the contestants. In the quick glimpses we see of the nominations, most of the contestants have very strong reasons to back their decisions. Vikas is seen talking about a certain female contestant while Hina is upset at another contestant’s behaviour. Benafsha gets into a heated argument while she is naming Shilpa as her pick, while Akash starts screaming that he is a one man army.

But then Bigg Boss delivers unexpected news: The nominations would only be finalised after the ‘padosis’ have had their say.

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According to reports, the five contestants who have been nominated this week are Shilpa Shinde, Bandgi Kalra, Jyoti Kumari, Zubair and Arhi Khan. What do you think who will evict this week?? share your views in comment section..

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