Bigg Boss 11, October 6, 2017, Episode 6: Salman Khan asks Priyank to leave the house; severely grills Zubair Khan and Akash Dadlani

Priyank Shrma

The episode of Bigg Boss season 11 kick-starts with Salman Khan waking up in the secret room. He gets ready to start the entire conversation with the the contestants. Salman congratulates everybody sarcastically for spoiling the decorum of the house. Arushi, Shilpa and Aakash keep clapping thinking of it to be a compliment.

Salman takes Zubair’s class left, right and centre. He scolds Zubair for his foul language against girls. Zubair apologises but in vain. Salman asks him to sober down and calls him a useless don. He also further gives Hina Khan a piece of mind for supporting Zubair and not correcting him. They defend themselves but Salman gives it to them back. He grills Hina and Hiten to and for playing safe and not taking stand for the right against the wrong.

Hina responds to every question of Salman and clarifies her stance to everyone in the house. She gets extremely emotional. Salman takes Akash and Arshi’s class. He asks them to behave or else he will really get annoyed. Towards the end, Salman shows a video clip where Vikas and Aakash are seen fighting.

In between them, Priyank interferes and pushes Akash while defending his BFF Vikas. Salman says that it was extremely wrong to get into a physical fight and that he has broken an important rule of the BB house. Salman asks Priyank to leave the house. Everybody gets shocked. Vikas feels guilty but Salman asks Priyank to leave.

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He says that Bigg Boss house has for the first time seen such anguish in the first week itself. Salman says that they are probably wrong to have been in the Bigg Boss house. Salman gets over all highly angry with Zubair, Akash and Arshi for their terrible behaviour. While signing off he requests them to not repeat the things that they did the previous week.
To be continued.

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