Bigg Boss 11, October 31, Written Update: Shilpa Shinde And Hina Khan Became Partners In Crime In ‘Cushion Bazaar’

Today’s Bigg BossChale Chalo. Contestants like Akash Dadlani, Shilpa Shinde and others assumed that there’s some love brewing between Luv Tyagi and Dhinchak Pooja. The gharwale even applied haldi on Luv as a part of shaadi ceremonies and teased Pooja. Then, came this week’s Luxury Budget Task – Bigg Boss Cushion Factory. Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde were going to have a massive face off.

As per Bigg Boss’ instructions, the luxury budget task, titled The Cushion Bazaar, had Shilpa and Vikas playing the roles of two business mates with the rest of the contestants being freelancers. Shilpa and Vikas were to hire the rest of housemates and get them to work for them. Bigg Boss would assign orders to each of the teams and the one completing their order in time, wins the task. Later, the vyaparis started hiring the karamcharis.

#1 The first order given by Bigg Boss was of 75 cushions.

Though the task started smoothly, but Shilpa had a different plan up her sleeves – she took out a huge chunk of money from Vikas’ safe. Hina Khan was her partner in crime, who offered to hide the money in her pockets. Vikas and his employer Hiten found out that Shilpa has stolen money from Vikas’ locker and they lashed out at Shilpa and her team.

Due to the incompletion of the first order, Vikas and Shilpa failed in the first round. Later, Priyank Sharma, who was Vikas’ employer switched team and shifted to Shilpa’s team with an S badge while Luv and Hina shared the stolen money between themselves.

#2 The second order was to make 50 cushions in two hours.
Vikas Gupta and team took all the cotton given by Bigg Boss and this made Shilpa bargain her way to the safe spot. Will the duo be able to complete the second order? We’ll know this in the next episode. Shilpa distributed the money to her employees after the end of the day.

We also witnessed discussions about captaincy amongst contestants like Priyank, Hina, Sapna Choudhary and Vikas Gupta. The task for the day was over but the discussions and planning were not. Vikas urged Puneesh to help him win the task while Bandagi Kalra and Puneesh discussed about their money and friends Akash and Arshi had an argument.

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Bigg Boss’ cushion factory task has definitely raised some heated arguments and fights. Who will win the luxury budget task this week? Tell us in the comment section below.

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