Bigg Boss 11 October 11, 2017 preview : Sapna vows to take revenge from Arshi, Akash flirts with Lucinda

Bigg Boss 11 day 10 episode that will be aired tonight ( October 11 ) is going to see a massive fight between dancer Sapna Chaudhary and model Arshi Khan. This is going to be in continuation of the heated argument that took place between them during the ‘Royal Task’, wherein Sapna had to massage Arshi’s feet. Even though Sapna had initially refused to do the task, she was eventually left with no option.

Post their activity, she even broke down and complained about being treated unfairly.
In tonight’s show, Sapna vows revenge against Arshi and mimics her in front of the other contestants. She plans to do something at one in the night and make her cry. She speaks ill of her in front of Jyoti Kumar and Vikas Gupta.

While they talk about Arshi, they call her ‘bhaisiya and a bird without wings’. Sapna then goes to pick a fight with Arshi along with her gang.

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Meanwhile, Akashdeep is seen flirting with Lucinda Nicholas. He teaches her a dance step and gets physically intimate with her. Lucinda enjoys the attention coming her way. They also discuss about the ring on her finger and Akash tells her he is the youngest boy in the house. Later, they iron clothes together when other inmates notice the growing proximity between them.

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