Bigg Boss 11 October 11, 2017 highlights: Hiten Tejwani, Shilpa Shinde out of captaincy race, Arshi Khan stabs them in the back

Unlike the previous days in the Bigg Boss 11 house, Wednesday witnessed lighter moments. Despite, Sapna Choudhary being irked by Arshi’s comment on her profession, she chose a funny way to take her revenge. Instead of hurling abuses or getting violent with Arshi, Sapna became her shadow and irritated her by singing songs and staring at her throughout the day. Arshi requested Bigg Boss to call her to the confession room but to no use. She then went to her friend Shilpa Shinde for help who also took the fun out of the situation. Arshi’s helplessness left the other housemates in splits.

The luxury budget task Raja Aur Rani on its second day had queens Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan trying to woo King Hiten. While Shilpa danced on the song, Zhingaat, Arshi told him that she will not look at any other man after him. When the task was declared closed, Hiten chooses Arshi’s team as the winner and as per the rules, her team members become the contender for the first captaincy of the season. But Hiten’s second decision of choosing Arshi as the good queen backfires and he and Shilpa gets out of the race of captaincy.

Apart from irking Sapna, Arshi got on the nerves of Mehjabi. The ‘padosi’ didn’t leave the chance to let Arshi know that she will not bear her rude and indecent behaviour. When Arshi threatens Mehjabi by saying that she will make her massage her foot, in response Mehjabi says she will do the massage with her shoes. Also, Mehjabi warns Arshi to better stay away from her.

Vikas Gupta had doubts on the story narrated to the housemates by the Padosis. As he dug further, the reality of the Padosis was revealed that they do not belong to the same family and were performing the task given to them by Bigg Boss. Vikas appreciated Mehjabi’s acting skills as when she entered the house he was confused on what he should address her as.

Shilpa Shinde gets trapped in the story of the Padosis and in strong words tells Luv Tyagi that he has no right over his Nanaji’s property. The entire conversation heated up and Luv and Shilpa got into an argument. To make Shilpa believe the story entirely, Mehjabi even cries in front of Shilpa.

Sabyasachi discusses with Vikas, Jyoti and Sapna how he thought Arshi Khan was a transgender. Vikas tells them that Arshi is a PhD holder.

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Puneesh gets insecure about Bandgi getting closer to Luv Tyagi. He asked her why did she call Luv to take off her necklace and not him. He even warns her to stay away from Akash who gets touchy awkwardly.

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