Bigg Boss 11 October 10 2017 Live Updates: Vikas Gupta And Shilpa Shinde Indulge Into Heated Argument

Bigg Boss 11 October 10 2017 Live Updates: Vikas Gupta And Shilpa Shinde Indulge Into Heated Argument

Bigg Boss 11 is back with the brand new set of rules, tasks and the contestants. We saw how the contestants were all ready to take over the controversial house with their unique personalities. Weekend ka Var was one of the most talked about weekend. Salman Khan lost his cool in the initial stage itself, thanks to the abusive fights in the house. To top it, Priyank Sharma used his might to slap Akash, in support of Vikas Gupta. As Bigg Boss strictly condemns physical abuse in the show, Salman Khan had to throw out Priyank out.

11.24 pm to 11.30 pm: Padosis nominate Jyoti Kumari as the fifth contestant as she did not stand by her words of supporting Bandagi. Luv, Mehjabi, Sabyasachi, Lucinda Nicholas enter the house and reveal their identity. The contestants welcome them cheerfully. In tomorrow’s episode, we will see Hina Khan supporting Shilpa Shinde against Vikas Gupta.

11.05 pm to 11. 15 pm: Jyoti Kumari breaks down into tears and Hina Khan, Hiten Shah and others console her. The padosis discuss about the voting that is happening in the house. Hiten and Shivani Mata discuss about the whole voting process. Jyoti and Shivani vote for Benafsha. Hina, Vikas, Sapna and Shivani get nominated to go out of the house. Bigg Boss asks the padosis to choose one more contestant to nominate by entering the house themselves, by wearing a mask. The padosis have wear the mask and hide their identity from the contestants.

10.50 pm to 11 pm: Hina, Shilpa and Arshi run around the house to appeal for votes. Akash keeps shouting ‘boo for vikas’. Hiten asks Sapna, Jyoti to vote for him. Mata votes for Hiten and Hina too supports Hiten. The contestants discuss amongst themselves whom to vote and why to vote.

10.40 pm to 10.50 pm: Bigg Boss asks everyone to ask for votes to each other. The contestants reason and tell each other why they should vote. Hina says that she wants Jyoti. Even, Benafsha votes for Jyoti. Hiten too feels that Jyoti deserves a chance. Vikas Gupta says that Jyoti needs to be in the house. Bigg Boss tells Arshi to appeal for the votes.

10:30 pm to 10.40 pm– Vikas Gupta keeps on blabbering and Benafsha and Arshi laugh on his jokes. The contestants are fooling around and the jokes on Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde turn ugly. Vikas calls her ‘bua, pagal’. Shilpa warns him not to touch her. She also sits on Vikas’ bed and says that there is no name written on it.

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Benafsha does a fake commentary on their fight. Vikas and Hina get into a heated argument over Priyank’s ouster and Arshi. Hiten Shah tries to solve the problem. Bigg Boss warns Hina and others that they are supposed to talk only in Hindi. Vikas and Shilpa provoke each other to fight by touching each other.

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