Bigg Boss 11: Makers reveals Salman Khan’s neighbour ‘Pinky Padosan’ on the show

Bigg Boss 11: Makers reveals Salman Khan's neighbour 'Pinky Padosan' on the show
Just few days to go before Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss returns to it’s eleventh season. While the makers are playing a guessing game and have announced a contest for Bigg Boss fans to figure out the names of the housemates this year. They have revealed Salman Khan’s neighbour ‘Pinky Padosan’ on the show.

The funny ‘shopkeeper’ Gaurav Ghera has now transformed into glamorous Pinky Padosan who is going to become one stop for all the gossip on Bigg Boss 11. In over a minute long promo, Pinky Padosan talks about being chosen by the Bigg Boss to reveal all the ‘uncensored’ gossip from the most controversial show on the small screen. This year’s theme for Bigg Boss is all about loving your neighbours and we are sure this ‘Padosan’ is in a different league all together.

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Unlike other seasons, the Bigg Boss 11 team is doing a run-up to the grand premiere with photographs, asking fans to guess the contestant from the images. The first black and white image that the channel shared happens to be of the famous Turkish model Halima Matlub. She has given her nod to the controversial reality show. The other one is of YouTube sensation and comedy star Harsh Beniwal. These two contestants will definitely be a part of Salman Khan’s show this year.

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